About CMS Nordic

Fitness is our passion
Profitability is our profession

We ❤️ fitness

We share our love for the positive effects fitness has on own and other peoples' lives. This is something very unique and extremely valuable that few other industries can claim. 

Value > price

We agree with the saying that “price is what you pay and value is what you get”. But sadly most fitness businesses are vastly underpriced compared to the tremendous value they create for their members.

Results & relationships

We believe the key to success is consistently creating great results and building strong relationships. Therefore we are strong advocates for always going the extra mile and doing what most are not willing to.

People need and deserve help

We think most people need and deserve to get professional help to achieve their health and fitness goals. That is why we focus heavily on personalised sales and service and offering personal training services. 

Passion & empowerment

We realise that most fitness business owners started because they are extremely passionate about health and fitness and helping others. We want to empower them to do what they are best at by helping with the rest.

Profitability & growth

We are passionate about helping our clients become highly profitable and help them achieve the growth they are looking for while having time and energy for all the other important things in their lives.

Meet the team

We're in the business of helping people who help people

Alexander Bergström

Enterprise, Business Development

Åsa Östrot

Marketing Lead

Ida Hedstad

Ida Hedstad

Coach Development

Stockholm office

[email protected]

Ida L. Magnusson


Johanna Wilmusenaho

Sales Education & Management

Marleen Larsson

Administration, SoMe & CRM Manager

Mathias Johansson

HR Consultant

Petter Norén

Petter Norén

Sales & Costumer Success Manager

Stockholm office

[email protected]


Veronica Månsson


Viking Bergström

Senior Consultant

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