Achieve profits that match your passion

That is what we do. While keeping your staff happy and ensuring you have time to do all the other important things in your life.


At the very core of everything we do is a laser sharp focus on strategy. Our goal is always to help our clients create a highly profitable business while having time for all the other important things in their lives.

Sacrificing one's own health, wealth and wellbeing to help others achieve theirs is not a viable strategy.


If your product is good then sales solves (almost) everything. But most people in the fitness industry are terrible at it.

Luckily, we have spent more than 40 years perfecting our model for selling memberships and personal training. And we can teach you how.


We believe the best marketing is creating an awesome product or service that your members love and tell all their friends, colleagues and family about.

Getting referrals and leads from happy members is key in what we help our clients do.


Learning how to build a successful and profitable business is often difficult, costly and takes time.

That's why we have a big focus on teaching our clients the best ways to sell memberships and personal training, improve retention, increase member satisfaction and manage their clubs.

Human Relations

In order to deliver the best possible product and service to your members you need to have an awesome team that love their jobs.

We help our clients attract, recruit and onboard the best possible candidates, keep them happy and retain them for longer.

Coach Development

How many of your coaches see their job as a potential career? And what are you doing to help your coaches improve their skills and abilities on a continual basis?

If you are like most others then the answer to the first question is none or few and the answer to the second is not much. This is exactly why we built the CMS Coach Development Program (CDP).

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